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Terms & Conditions | Christian Ventures

Terms & Conditions

Terms of Use

Christian Ventures US maintains the Christian Ventures website. We request you to go through these terms of use before using this site or signing up for availing any of Christian ventures services:
Who we are?
Christian Ventures is an affiliated web hosting service providers that are known to provide quality web hosting services subjected to any change in “Terms of Use.”
In this Terms of Use, “you” have been in context to the user or a person requesting our services. “Our” is used to denote company’s representatives.
This term of use applies only to this site, and any kind of third party intervention would not be entertained.
Acceptance of terms of use
If you have the capacity to sign a legal agreement within state, territory, or area that you reside in, then Christian Ventures would be happy to serve you. However, if you are bound or under age, then you are requested to take permission from your parents and ask them to sign this terms of use on our behalf.
Please go through these terms of use seriously. Any deviation or negligence from your side won’t be accepted by us.
You confirm to the fact that while using any of our services, you will not violate the rules and regulations of our company.
• What are Services? Request or we say services that a user request either by means of filling an online form or by sending us an email are “Services.”
• Your personal Information. You accept to the fact that information provided by you on our site is true, and updated.
• Privacy. You accept that you have gone through the Privacy Policy and given consent to the website owner to use your personal information for any purpose.
• Communications. Christian Ventures holds all rights to communicate its services and latest offerings. You allow Christian Ventures to contact you and use your information whenever any need for using it comes in future.
• Passwords. You take the responsibility of using your username and a password while you are using this site. All activities that you do on this site under username and password would be kept secret. You assure the company that your password is secured and of high strength so that there are least chances of it to get lost or theft for one or the other reasons.
• Changing Passwords. Christian Ventures allots a username and password to you and the company has every right to change this username or passwords and notify you of the same.
Terms of use
1. Every web content that you read on this site is copyrighted, and the reader has no right to use it or modify it for personal reasons. In the case, content values a lot to you; you can ask for a written permission of Christian Ventures.
2. While Christian Ventures passionately works to keep this site updated, Christian holds no responsibility for the accuracy. We take no responsibility for any type of error or omission in the web content.
3. If you are using this site, you are browsing at your own risk. Neither Christian nor any third party involved in designing and development of this website is liable for any direct or indirect damages coming out of usage of this site.
4. Any information that you share on this website is non-confidential, and the company doesn’t take any responsibility for its security. Anything that doesn’t fall under the privacy policy or terms of use will not be liable for punishment. Christian Ventures is free to use your ideas, concepts, your knowledge, and techniques provided your skills are used in developing, manufacturing and promoting products of your interest.
5. Images that we have used on this site are taken after the permission of people in the images. Using same images is strictly prohibited until or unless we permit you to use.
6. Logos used in Christian Ventures website are the trademarks or registered logos of Christian Ventures. If you want to check the list of trademarks used on our Site, you can easily visit the Trademark Notices page. This website contains nothing that is beyond the scope of Christian Ventures. If you try to misuse the logos or trademarks, then you are likely to indulge in a criminal offense.
7. Christian Ventures has not checked the links available on their site and takes no responsibility for the fraud done by them. If you follow or give your personal information to those links, then our site takes no responsibility, and you do that at your own risk.
8. We assure our readers that none of the software or applications used in the site are spam. Users reserve no right to export or re-export software to Indian or International clients residing outside the territory of the US country. By downloading any software, you are showing the company that you don’t belong to any such location that is prohibiting or that is running against the favor of the nation. The readers reserve no right to export any of the software.
The Software available on our site is driven by restricted rights. Using any duplicate software is against the rules and regulations of the Government.
9. By using this Christian ventures site, you agree to the terms of use and conditions that are government by the government of the US.
10. Christian Ventures may change and revise these Terms and Conditions. You are requested to keep a check on our revisions in order to avoid any kind of last minute rush. You must visit this web page on a regular basis and keep yourself updated with the changes.
11. If you want to reproduce our copyright content, you need to send us in writing at our registered office address.
12. Any claim or request would be entertained only by our authorized agents at our registered office in the US.
1. Fees. Fixed fees and rates are clearly highlighted in the order and service form available on the website for our customers. Our fee structure includes one-time fees and recurring fees. Make sure you check the current fee rate. New rates will apply upon expiration of the form. Such type of fees increase generally happens without releasing any prior notice to the readers. Christian Ventures in general, release notices prior to 30 days of implementing increased fares.
2. Promotions. Christian Ventures releases new products and uses different promotional techniques to promote its web hosting services. From time to time, Christina Ventures offers new products and keeps its customers updated. Any occasional offer, discount, or promotional code are released only when customer acknowledges us to do so.
3. Expenses. Unless otherwise, specified, you would reimburse all expenses done by Christina Ventures in relation to involving any third-party service for your services.
4. Taxes. Current taxes will apply, Our prices, service structure excludes taxes. Any customer who tends to pay our fee would go through the current tax structure and pay new fees.
5. Payment of Fees. Only credit card or payment PayPal is accepted.
6. In Advance. All of our payment services are in advance. Whenever you approach Christian Web hosting services, you would be asked to release the payment in advance. When our web hosting service renews, you are requested to pay fees as per the new rates and new tax rate.
7. Additional Services. Any additional Services, taxes and reimbursable fees need to be paid in full by the end of the month.
8. Automatic Charging. When Christian Ventures is entitled according to the terms and Agreement of any Fees, taxes or extra charges, such amounts will automatically be deducted from the credit card or PayPal account. You need to register present a credit card or PayPal account details.
9. Chargebacks. In the case of any money return or payment not successful, Christian Ventures would be charged $25.00 extra. If payment is not received from the client side by the due date, then this would cause suspension or termination of the contract.
10. In the case, payment is overdue from customer’s side, then he or she would be penalized at the rate of one percent per month or as per the rules and regulations set by the government. Christian Ventures shall be entitled to collect payment trough fair or unfair means.
11. Termination of contract: We allow 30days time to the customers to end the contract in the case; our services are not satisfying his or her needs and requirements. If we fail to deliver what our customers want, we would refund some percentage of the actual amount paid by the customer.
12. In the case, customer fail to stand by these Terms of use, we reserve rights to suspend the services without any prior notice to the customer.
13. We will charge for the services during the suspension period as well.
The Mobile number and e-mail addresses of our company are our copyright and cannot be used by any other agent or service provider.
For more information about our services, give us a call on our phone number.
For any technical queries, please contact our phone number
For any general queries, contact our Customer Service support team.

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